The last few days have seen singer Akinmayokun Awodunmila aka MayD split from his former record label Square Records owned by the singing duo of Peter and Paul Okoye(PSquare) and managed by their music director brother cum manager Jude ‘Engees’ Okoye. Now the full gist which is not reported in the media is that MayD had never really signed a proper contract with the record company and when it was time for one to be signed,NaijaEntertainmentUncensored discovered that the demands of the ‘ile ijo’ crooner infuriated the brothers who simply decided they couldn’t give him what he wanted.
However the funny aspect is that,the singer wasn’t aware of what was coming as he believed they were going to work out something to sought the contract issue but was shocked when he read in the media that the label have off loaded him. NaijaEntertainmentUncensored also gathered that a day before the official press release by Jude,MayD was still with the twins at their squareville residence located around Omole area of Lagos. They were even sighted driving off the premises together in the evening only for the release to be circulated next morning.
Presently the twins have not come out to state what really transpired but MayD have continually expressed shock. NaijaEntertainmentUncensored further garther that the singer might however be moving on to HKN records owned by fresh kid on the block David ‘Davido’ Adeleke. It was gathered that in the past weeks,MayD have been found in company of the HKN gang comprising of Davido,rapper Sina Rambo,Shizi et al. This was further buttressed with the release of a new single ‘Mujo’ where Sina Rambo featured MayD. The track was released exactly 24hours after Square Records dumped MayD.


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