Afrobeat wizkid and son of Fela Anikulapo(late musical legend) Seun Anikulapo has condemn the Federal government and the central bank on its plans to print #5,000 notes come January 2013 positing that,it was the last thing needed by Nigerians.
Seun further requested that the government should simply remove his grandmother(Olufumilayo Ramson Kuti)’s face from the note which he described as an insult to their family haven to hear of thr news via radio.
Seun said “I do not have the power to stop the FG from printing the note but I would want the FG to remove my grandma’s face from the s0-called note,

It was through the radio that we got to know that her face would be used…we were not officially contacted.

If I had N40b I will rebuild the federal government primary and secondary schools, rather than waste it on printing the N5000 note. That note cannot solve Nigeria’s problems, the government should learn to invest in people…the Kuti family is more concerned about the development of the country not the naira. If I were the FG, I would establish more schools, improve on the educational system rather than come up with N5000 note idea.”


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