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February 14 is a day which has been put aside for some celebration of some sort especially for people who are in love. This year’s valentine was even more hyped than previous years with lots of activities lined up for the season. A day when lots of ladies were expecting to get engaged,some others even got married while a whole bunch of people had a time of their life but one of the entertainment industry’s most energetic players couldn’t keep up with the pace as she gave up the ghost after complaining about a severe headache moments after returning from the United States where she had gone for the recently concluded Grammy’s.
Goldie must have rocked to label mate Jaywon’s ‘Odun yi'(this year) and must have prepared a whole lot of activities for the year infact she intended releasing her new work,the African Invasion Album soon but the cold hands of death cut short all these plans.
Here is a brief background of the late singer who died on the evening of valentine day.
Susan Oluwabimpe Harvey was born in 1982 to very successful parents, her dad a native of Ikole-Ekiti, Ekiti State retired as a director in a new generation bank while her mum although late was also a former managing director in a bank. The first of four kids, Goldie’s elementary education started at Green Springs Montessori Primary School and then she attended St. John’s College, Palm Groove, Lagos.
On her official website,She stated that, “My childhood was very interesting but regimented. My Dad was a leader in church and very active too while my mum used to lead the choir. So, as their first child, I took very active roles in all church activities – drama, choir, bible classes and so on. Church was the only social life we had. On Mondays, we went for bible classes; Wednesdays were for prayer meetings and then one Friday in a month, we went for vigil. I never had toys or friends because my father thought they would lead me astray.” Thus, her mum was her closest friend. However, the bond that held mother and daughter together snapped irretrievably in 1994.
But she died too soon after a long-drawn battle with cancer, leaving behind four kids
Goldie was inspired to go into music by divas like Celine Dion, Mariah Carey and Toni Braxton. She eventually got serious with it when she got to the UK where she had been admitted to study Business Management at the University of Sunderland, she and a couple of friends formed an informal group which performed for friends and family. The group even did a couple of demos which never really made it out.
Goldie might have looked wild and weird but she was perhaps a conservative person, according to her “you can hardly find Goldie at Night clubs because she believes in channeling such hours into creative engagements”. However one form of relaxation she finds comfort in is watching movies which she mostly does in the comfort of her Park View estate abode.
After several years in the music industry,she was set to release her Pan African work titled “THE AFRICA INVASION ALBUM” which was supposed to lead her inroad to the continental market. Already, she has recorded 3 hits off the Naughty Singles compilation; SKIBOBO featuring AY (Tanzania), MILIKI featuring NAVIO (Uganda), and GIVE IT TO ME featuring J MARTINS (Nigeria) which have all recorded massive downloads worldwide.


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