“I came to this world for a mission. That is why I must keep moving forward, not backward. Music for me na mission, no be entertainment. My music na gift”

-Olufela Anikulapo-Kuti

Born Olufela Oludotun Ramson Kuti, Fela’s disgust for the western culture made him drop his foreign name adopting “Anikulapo” which literally translates to “a mortal who has death in his pouch”. Fela was a multi-talented multi-instrumentalist and composer who is still celebrated as the greatest Nigerian musician. Not caring whose ox is gored, Fela through his music and utterances condemned and fought against corruption mostly as perpetuated by successive military regimes. Fela’s ‘Zombie’ depicted the ghost-like attitude of soldiers whose “obey the last command” order was criticized by Fela. Fela also sang against several societal ills, neo-colonization and other derogatory aspect of the Black race. He was a teacher, philosopher and philanthropist who housed several homeless people and destitute in his Kalakuta republic. Also known as ‘Abamieda’ or the ‘weird one’, Fela never kept his mouth shut against oppression and official looting. He was inspired by his mother and other Black Philosophers.
Although born into a christian home, Fela believed religion was also a tool of oppression and continually criticized religious leaders who fed fat at the expenses of their congregation. He is a Nigerian Legend whose legacies would remain for centuries even as his songs continue to inspire the new generation. Fela! on the broadway was recently put together to international acclaim with investors including Jay-Z and Will Smith. The annual Felabration is also designed to forever ensure that the philosophies of the “Black President” remain relevant.
Over the years, Felabration has featured the biggest in the Naija music scene including occasional appearances from foreign hit makers.

Naija Entertainment Uncensored


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