According to reports compiled by Osagie Alonge for Nigeria Entertainment Today, Cool Fm resident DJ and EME signee, Rotimi Alakija otherwise known as Dj Xclusive might have been involved in a download scandal which involves the disc jockey’s new video featuring the ‘Egberi papa’ Timaya. The video titled ‘Pangolo’ was alleged by TheNet to have acquired an “impossible” 6000 downloads in less than 48hours.
Read the full piece after the cut…

“DJ Xclusive who’s a hardworking disc jockey is now branching out into being a frontline artiste releasing new singles of his own.

But the resident Cool FM disc jockey and his team may have gotten it all wrong this time around – hardwork they say always pays and really there should be no shortcuts to success.

DJ Xclusive’s new video ‘Pangolo‘ (which features vocal performance form Timaya) dropped on December 11, 2013 and surprisingly gathered (as at the time of this report) over 6000 views! Let’s just say it is IMPOSSIBLE and we’ll tell you why…

Reason 1 – Anybody who knows their YouTube well will tell you videos which are recently published receive a 301+ view count because according to Ted Hamilton, product manager at YouTube, view counts are initially tracked by servers near the end user.

Reason 2 – Isn’t it strange that with a ‘suspect’ 6195 views, the video has not one  ’like’ or ‘dislike’? STRANGE!

Reason 3 – There are 174 comments. Apartment from the YouTube uploader’s (DJ Xclusive) comment, all other 173 comments are made by non-Nigerians. With usernames like Jack Woods, Maybelle Beckerman, Darlene Morales, Julius Kiesling making random comments like ‘he is  gonna conquer everything‘, ‘he is  gonna conquer everything‘, ‘he has shown his difference with others‘, ‘he has good knowledge about it‘ and ‘it’s a nice collection to me‘, it’s not hard to figure they are all fake accounts.

Reason 4 – There are no statistics to support the 6000+ views.

Here’s what we think happened: Those who uploaded Xclusive’s video apparently bought YouTube views. Yes, it’s that simple, just log onto authentichits.com and buy 2,150 Youtube Views for as low as $4.

But we met with Xclusive who tries to explain how the video garnered so many views. ‘We had it up but as unlisted and shared it with people so when we made it public, it already had the views‘.

Anomalies however still happen on YouTube and there’s a window of possibility that the video did get ACTUALLY that much views. One thing we’d encourage you to do is watch it!”


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