By Kayode Badmus

Television personality and host of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire television game show, Frank Edoho, has gone a step further to underscore his readiness to give marriage a shot again. The good-looking smooth-talker completed his traditional marriage rites to his new heartthrob, Sandra Onyenenecheya, on Wednesday, December 18th, in the bride’s village in Arochukwu, Abia State.
A source told NEU that the couple lodged at a hotel in Arochukwu called ‘Brick House’, which four-storey structure has long earned it the alias, ‘Four Storey’.
It was further gathered that Edoho was so wary of the news getting out in the public that he barred pictures from being taken to avoid being leaked to the media. Only few friends and relatives were invited for the ceremony, which was equally bereft of any popular face.
The new couple left Arochukwu on Thursday morning.
Frank Edoho has over the years been enmeshed in media controversies especially as regards his scandalous divorce from ex-wife Katherine with whom he has three kids. He would shock Nigerians when a picture of the couple kissing in public went viral last year.


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