Is Kaffy’s Marriage Really Crashing!

News emanating from various quarters have it that all might not be well with Nigerian dance queen, Kafayat Shafau Ameh and her younger hubby, Joseph Ameh as the alleged infidelity of the drummer who is described to be quite promiscuous is understandably no longer acceptable to the dancer.
Confidential sources say the couple’s marriage which has produced two adorable kids might soon hit the rock after Kaffy got wind that her randy husband also known as Papi J was having an affair with an upcoming singer Fefe.
It was also revealed that the Guinness Book of World Record title holder who also serves as a dance instructor of a telecoms sponsored West Africa Project Fame is being skeptical to calling off the marriage due to her fans and societal gossip.
The estranged couple have however kept mute on the issue which is fast generating a controversy. Kaffy, 34 and Papi J, 26 got married some years back and have two children together. Kaffy also has another child which she gave birth to before marrying Papi J.

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