It is Actresses who harasses Producers Not The Other Way Round -Nollywood Actress reveals

Over time, reports have been going round that some Nollywood producers and directors harasses upcoming actresses in search of movie roles and that promiscuity was an order of the day in the industry. This has however been refuted by a practitioner in the industry. According to Mercy Macjoe, the industry is misunderstood and all the accusations about harassment is untrue. She revealed that rather than the producers being accused, it should be the other way round.
She said, “to be sincere with you, I don’t know why some girls go around saying this. Presently it is even the girls that go out of their ways to harass the producers. The girls go to them and ask for roles with a promise that they are ready to give the producers or directors whatever they want. Most of these girls have nothing to offer, talent wise, and they harass the producers. In fact their slangs to them now is ‘bed or bank’, meaning they would either send money to the producer’s bank account or go to bed with him”.
Macjoe became popular in 2011 after she played a major road in a Nollywood blockbuster.

Naija Entertainment Uncensored


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