“I Would Never Delve Into Music”- Rita Dominic

After she featured on Darey Art-Alade’s new video ‘Special Fever’, not a few people thought the Imo state born actress might be considering giving music a trial like some of her colleagues in the past.

Rita has however come out to refute such stories saying her focus remain on making great movies.

“I would not delve into music. If I had wanted, I would have gone into music a very long time ago. I am just an actress. I have been in this industry for about 16 years. I was tempted at a point when actors and actresses went into music about 10 years ago. I was approached then and I said no. If I did not do it then, why would I do it now?”

The Africa Academy Movie Award winner whose role in “The Meeting has been described as exceptional is currently working on a new movie ‘Rose Garden’ where she plays psychotic lady named Nicky.

“There comes a time in a person’s career when one wants to take on more challenging roles and step outside the box. People that have been following my career would know that.  I was not trying to prove a point; I just wanted to do something that would challenge me and at the same time tell a story Nigerians can relate to. I want to stretch myself as an actress, I have done everything. I want to step out of my comfort zone and keep stretching myself. When I read the script about Nicky, it was a character I wanted to do. I felt the more difficult the character, the more challenging the role,” Rita added.

Naija Entertainment Uncensored


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