Tiwa Savage: The line between sexy and slutty

By Olumide Iyanda

Tiwa Savage did not wait for the ink to dry on her marriage certificate before crossing the line between sexy and slutty.

Even with the reportedly racy ‘Wanted’ video by the new Mrs Balogun yet to make a public debut, the young woman on May 4 left little to the imagination with a risque one-on-one with a male fan on stage during the Ekwulobia, Anambra leg of this year’s Star Music Trek.

She had told critics a few days before that ‘I’m off to the beach to show more of my bikini body. Because I’m married I should turn into a nun, abi? Maybe if you work on your body your husband will not be drooling over me‘.

Fortunately, some people still buy Tiwa’s CDs because of her music. And only the callous and (probably) envious will argue when she said ‘I have worked my butt off to follow my dreams‘.

Please pray that her voice lasts longer than the butt and bikini body.

Hopefully, the music will endure when everything else starts drooping.

*Iyanda is the executive editor of The Niche Newspaper.

@kblingsstbadmus for Naija Entertainment Uncensored


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